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Employee Turnover may be costing your company HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS dollars each year!

We can help you CLOSE the back door to retain the best employees AND identify the best canidates to become part of your team, before you hire them!

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Is your back door open?  

At present, The cannabis industry faces a 62% turnover rate. Employees most often list 

  • Frustration with compensation, 
  • Feeling undervalued, and 
  • A lack of career advancement as the top reasons for leaving**

According to The Predictive Index, every employee transition costs a company 33% of that employee’s annual salary.  In Michigan, the average salary for someone working in the industry is $49,652. 

This places the average cost of one employee transition at $16,385.  


How We Can Help

We help you increase your profits with Talent Optimization with these steps: 

Close the Back Door.  We help you retain top talent with an engaging team culture.  Starting with each persons internal, behavioral drives, we help turn each team in to a highly engaged, highly motivated, and high performing team. 

Open the Front Door.   We help you recruit adaptable team members.  When faced with a rapidly expanding and evolving market, it’s important to hire adaptable employees who can develop new skills and new applications. 

Grow Your Team.    We help you align talent strategy with business strategy.  Trying to develop strong business strategies is tough when facing shifting regulatory guidelines, product transportation, inventory tracking, image management, cash flow issues, and a lack of established data to project.  We help you cultivate a talent strategy resilient enough to adapt in a dynamic market.

Our Process:

We assess your current team members and culture using our partnership with the Predictive Index

We collaborate to clarify your talent strategy.

We provide Data-Driven, Outcome Based coaching to individuals or groups in your company.  

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